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20 companies have been selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track


20 companies have been selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track out of 68 high-level applicants. Four companies from Kuopio – Hapella Oy, Bono Health Oy, Heart2Save Oy and AUVC tech Oy.

The companies represent a wide spectrum of innovations ranging from health and wellbeing solutions to drug development, occupational welfare and diagnostics. The 20 growth-seeking companies selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track share a mission to improve human health, increase wellbeing, and genuinely improve the world.

The companies selected for the free-of-charge Kasvu Open coaching include MVision AI Oy, Emooter Oy, JoyHaptics Oy, YEEA Work Oy and Sartar Therapeutics from Helsinki, Vivago Oy, Medigoo Oy and Xfold Imaging Oyfrom Espoo, Hapella Oy, Bono Health Oy, Heart2Save Oy and AUVC tech Oy from Kuopio, Fibion Oy and Synesa Solutions Oy from Jyväskylä, Monidor Oy from Oulu, Applicado Oy from Lempäälä, 3DTech Oy from Salo, Sportevo Oy from Pori, Superlaiffi Oy from Porvoo and Medified Solutions Oy from Tampere.

In their joint comment, the jury of the Growth Track praised the high quality of applicants.

“A good and diverse range of companies applied to the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track once again this year. The jury wished to see interesting start-up companies as well as more established health and wellbeing companies among the applicants, and this wish was fulfilled. The companies selected for the Growth Track offer solutions that could truly change the world. It was great to see that companies which have participated in Kasvu Open in previous years were also interested in the Growth Track, as there were several Kasvu Open alumni among the applicants and selected companies.”

The members of the Growth Track jury include Nina Rautiainen (Business Jyväskylä), Sara Härmälä (Upgraded), Jouko Kuisma (Salivirta & Partners), Teuvo Antikainen (Central Finland Health Care District), Mikko Juuti (BusinessKuopio) and Veli-Pekka Päivänen (Regional Council of Central Finland).

An international reinforcement joins the jury

The jury of the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track will receive international reinforcement when Albert Colomer joins the jury. Colomer will participate in the selection of winners at the end of the Runway Days.

Albert Colomer is the director of the BANC business angels network and an EBAN Board member who brings both an international as well as an investor’s viewpoint to the work of the Future Health and Wellbeing jury. Colomer has already been involved in investing for over 15 years and he is the man behind the first business angels network in Spain, the Catalan BANC. Today, Spain is one of the main countries in terms of business angel investment in entrepreneurs throughout Europe. Recently, Colomer has played an important role in building different kinds of connections between Jyväskylä and Europe.

The content and schedule of the Growth Track

The first Runway Day will be held on May 22, 2019, and the second Runway Day will be held on June 5, 2019. During the Runway Days, experts in different fields (business growth, internationalisation, sales, financing, marketing, management) will help companies achieve their growth targets. Each company will meet with 10 different experts in 45-minute confidential meetings. In the end, the Growth Track jury will select two Growth Track winners. The winners will be announced during the second Runway Day. The two winning companies will then proceed to the national Kasvu Open Karnevaali held in Jyväskylä in October 2019.

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