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Vincit – hard work conquers all


Technology company Vincit Plc was founded right before the financial crisis of 2008. Despite facing challenges early on, the company has managed to become the best workplace in Europe and in Finland. A new office has now been opened in Kuopio.

When planning to start a company, Vincit’s CEO Mikko Kuitunen and co-founder Pekka Virtanen wrote down their aim on a coaster: going to work on Mondays should not be a bummer.

“We set out to make Vincit a great place to work for us. Vincit is Latin and means to win or to conquer. We adopted the Latin phrases “amor vincit omnia” and “labor omnia vincit” as our guiding principles – love and hard work conquer all. We decided to work hard on behalf of what feels good and to succeed”, Kuitinen recalls.

When asked about the special expertise of Vincit, he mentions the skill to keep clients satisfied. The company provides digital services, and the industry is notorious for things not always working out according to plan. The company decided to do things differently than its competitors and give clients their money back if they are not happy with the service.

Vincit offers its clients everything they need under one roof. In addition to planning and implementation services for digital projects, the company has two products: VincitEAM, which responds to the challenges of device lifecycle management, and Vincit LaaS, a platform for leadership. LaaS (Leadership as a Service) originally started out as an internal webshop for Vincit’s leadership and support services when the company ran into managerial challenges during its strong growth.

“We have succeeded in creating a working leadership culture and good tools for maintaining it – Vincit has been named the best workplace in Europe and the three-time best workplace in Finland. Our staff enjoy working here and that means the world in this industry”, says Kuitunen.

Vincit hopes to find more workforce and clients in Kuopio

From time to time, Vincit has sought a foothold in new locations. This time, the company opened an office in Kuopio. Kuitinen says that there were two important drivers behind the company’s arrival in the city: to hire more workforce and to find new clients.

“We believe that the city can offer us highly qualified talent in this field. On the other hand, Kuopio is also an extremely vital growth centre with great customer potential. We also hope to work in cooperation with local educational institutions and help make sure that the city will continue to foster skilled individuals in the future.”

Kuopio also provides a living environment that Kuitunen believes the staff at Vincit will appreciate. The overall appeal of the lakeside landscapes, close to nature, resonates with Vincit. Opening the local office also gives employees who are originally from Kuopio a chance to return to the city.

Vincit already has clients in the city. Among others, the company has developed digital solutions for Juhlapesu Oy for a car wash facility near a shopping centre.

Excessive caution prevents growth and success

“By definition, a company is successful when it has reached its goals. We try to work smart at Vincit with a very clear goal in mind: that our clients and staff will be happier tomorrow than they are today. Succeeding in this opens up many opportunities”, says Kuitunen.

Vincit has always been willing to experiment, which has taught the company a lot. Kuitunen’s tip for other entrepreneurs is related to this idea.

“When you do a lot of everything, you cannot help but do something right. But you need to know how to stop doing things that don’t work as quickly as possible. The ones that forge ahead on the road to success are the ones who try things out the most and thereby also make the most mistakes. Trial and error teach you what works and what doesn’t. I believe that being overly cautious is the biggest obstacle to growth and success in many organizations.”

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Text: Minna Akiola

Photos: Vincit Plc