Business Kuopio


Andritz supplies technology solutions across the globe


Andritz Oy is a leading global supplier of systems, equipment and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. These...
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Aurealis Therapeutics is leading the world in developing a new therapy


Kuopio-based Aurealis Therapeutics has developed a cell and gene therapy platform with a 4-in-1 effect that helps activate the human immune...
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Skilled personnel are the key to Istekki’s success


Istekki is a publicly owned limited company owned by cities, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, hospital districts and the strategic partners...
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FinVector is a pioneer in its field


FinVector is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of viral-based gene therapy products. The company’s new production facility is being...
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Strong production expertise made VA-Varuste the largest in its niche in Europe


VA-Varuste started out making tents and protective covers for cars and car seats, and today, it is the largest manufacturer...
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Lignell & Piispanen offers experiences for all the senses


Lignell & Piispanen, the second-oldest family business in Finland, is celebrating its 170-year history this year. As an alcohol producer,...
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Huippu Center – a wellness business needs to be healthy


Huippu Center is a versatile training environment in Kuopio that is suitable for the whole family. In recent years, the...
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Econosto sails the seas of the world through its networks


Econosto Oy delivers high-quality valves, safety devices, regulators, level gauges and steam traps for the needs of shipyards, municipal engineering,...
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Enfo builds balance between humans and technology


Having grown from the roots of Kuopio-based Tietosavo, Enfo is an IT house with its finger on the pulse of...
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Juustoportti believes in swarm intelligence


After starting out in the dairy industry, Juustoportti Ltd has expanded its business over the years to include food production...
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