Business Kuopio


Change and development are the driving forces behind POK Group


POK has followed a recipe for success that has involved making radical changes to its operations at the right times....
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Oskutuote has steadily grown into a market leader


Specializing in the outdoor feeding of birds and pet products, Oskutuote Oy is the market leader in its industry in...
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Huippupaikat has journeyed through hardship to success


The ski resorts of Tahko Mountain, Kasurila and Vuokatti, owned by Huippupaikat Oy, are enhancing regional attractiveness through investment projects....
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Kuopio offers its strong expertise in comprehensive safety for the benefit of the whole of Finland


In the report of the vision working group of Eastern Finland (3/2023), one of the measures is the establishment of...
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Gebwell produces pure heat


Specializing in environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions for properties, Gebwell Ltd. runs a business that has been driven by...
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Adamant Health has developed a unique method for measuring the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients


Kuopio-based Adamant Health has completed the first version of a product that will revolutionize the care planning and monitoring of...
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Ketoinen grows at the speed of a tech company


Even in its short history, Ketoinen Oy, specializing in grain-free bakery products, has managed to achieve some notable accomplishments and...
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New solutions sought for the skills shortage in the region


The skills shortage has been identified as a growing problem in almost every field of expertise, and the availability of...
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WellO2 – breathing is a growing trend


WellO2’s main product is a breathing device that strengthens the lungs and cleanses the airways naturally. The product is now...
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Riikinvoima waste-to-energy plant is highly energy-efficient


The success of the Riikinvoima waste-to-energy plant is based on the good design and sizing of the energy-efficient plant when...
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Rammy was born from a passion for entrepreneurship


Rammy Oy is a family company with a product portfolio of engine-powered property maintenance machines that are fitted to ATVs...
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Galena’s strong quality system enables its international growth


Founded as a spin-off from the University of Eastern Finland, Galena Pharma Oy has managed to find its own clients...
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Mondi Kuopio operates in the global packaging market


Mondi is a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper solutions. The Mondi Kuopio mill specialises in manufacturing high-quality, semi-chemical...
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Kuopio by Nature publication 2023 shows the highlights of Kuopio


Kuopio’s annual journal, the fourth of its kind, has been published. The Journal shows the highlights of 2023, the strong...
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