Business Kuopio


Capalo AI drives the green transition through artificial intelligence


Capalo AI is a spinoff company from the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Eastern Finland, and its...
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Lumoava has followed a successful path for decades


The world’s northernmost jewellery factory has a long and colourful history. Lumoava Finland started out as a small goldsmith’s workshop...
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Device developed by Marginum revolutionizes cancer surgery


Marginum Ltd has started clinical trials on patients in Finland to test a monitor that helps detect cancerous tissues during...
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Bella Lake Resort wants to stand out from the crowd


The opening lake view from the Bella Lake Resort suites surprises visitors. The specialty of the newly opened travel company...
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In the Kuopio Market Hall, a unique atmosphere and the community spirit of entrepreneurs come together


The secret to the success of the over 120-year-old Kuopio Market Hall lies in the freshness and quality of the...
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