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Vireum on the road to success


CEO Antti Väänänen from Vireum Oy, a company providing a full range of services for AI solutions, encourages new businesses...
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Heart2Save product sprung from a practical insight


Heart2Save Oy is a research-based company from Kuopio that has developed a device for the detection of heart arrhythmia at...
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Genelec puts people first


Siamäk Naghian, Managing Director of the globally successful loudspeaker manufacturer Genelec Oy, considers it an advantage to the company that...
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Kiho’s strength arises from perseverance


The software company Kiho has walked a long road through hardships to triumph, raising its credit rating from the bottom...
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Partanen & Lamusuo – design from the heart


The creative design and architectural agency Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd was born when a designer couple joined their forces. The...
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A dynamic team behind the success of Call to Action


The marketing agency Call to Action has noticed that you can develop your business in cooperation with your partners as...
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Charles River’s superior expertise in drug discovery sets them apart


Charles River specializes in contract research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Confidence in their own expertise has been the driving...
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