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China Future Challenges Workshop


Welcome to start China/Shanghai market entry planning process to Kuopio on Tuesday Nov 26, 2019 at 13.30-17.

Time: Tuesday Nov 26, 2019 at 13.30-17
Venue: Kuopio, Microkatu 1, B-building, Business Center.

Registration: by Friday November 22. Workshop is free of charge but registration is mandatory for serving.

Are you planning to expand or start your business in China, Shanghai area and are you interested in a systematic and cost-efficient market entry process in a group of other export-oriented companies?

The need of understanding the future is indispensable. Technological breakthroughs are achieved faster than ever, service and technology lifespans have shortened significantly and new generations’ views on the surrounding world are routing the direction of increasing number of products and services. In this game, the winners are companies that are open-minded and are able to prepare for the change in time.

All the companies aiming for the Chinese market need to get comfortable with the local culture and its future before setting a foot in there. Therefore Future Challenges Workshop is arranged from Shanghai point-of-view with the purpose of probing which future phenomena might be intriguing for your company in the Chinese market and how they should be approached.

So why to take part?

In the workshop, we will stop for a moment to explore future signals, trends and megatrends with a concrete but liberal fashion. You have a chance to approach various themes either from your organization’s or personal interest perspective. In the end, you will have a future scenario, or two, designed by yourself! These scenarios act as a fruitful base for exploring novel phenomena and experiments, or just to enrich your own thinking and support in future work.

The participants joining the Future Challenges Workshop by Demola get to design intriguing challenge descriptions based on future scenarios. These descriptions may be utilized e.g. as key factors in internal investment decision-making, vehicles for strategy work or simply to stimulate one’s personal thinking by challenging old paradigms.

A few preliminary questions to ponder before the workshop:

  • Which novel weak signals (phenomena, services, products, events) have caught your interest lately and why?
  • Which societal or global changes might affect your organization the most in the following 5-10 years?
  • How do you envision the change of behavior among your relevant stakeholders?

Workshop agenda (3 hours):

  • The basics of future work & co-creation
  • Examples of future scenarios & challenge descriptions
  • Future scenario design & discussion through weak signals and megatrends
  • Discovering and choosing the solid foundation for future challenge descriptions

Learn about the details of Fast Track Shanghai Export Training

  • Export and Shanghai market focused tailor-made training in company group. Goal: Getting ready for the target market, networking and searching for contacts in Shanghai
  • Tailor-made company group trip to Shanghai. Goal: Meeting and negotiating with local contacts and future partners. Building relationships in Shanghai.

More information about Demola and China Future Challenges Workshop: Joonas Kemppainen, Director, digital development, Demola Global, +358 50 529 1845,

More information about Fast Track Shanghai Export Training: Minna Tarvainen, Project Manager (Fast Track project), Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Tel. +358 44 785 6981,

Fast Track Project (Fast Track Shanghai Export Training) is coordinated by Savonia UAS and Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Demola Global Oy.

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