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KomeroFood gets rewarded for its hard work


KomeroFood Oy has enjoyed success in the Finnish Recipe for Success 2021 competition with its Ateriakippo ready meal product. When...
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Scenery and location are key factors for the success of Panorama Bar


Standing on top of Tahkovuori hill, Panorama Bar has grown from a small hillside café to a scenic restaurant that...
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Ponsse makes the best forest machines in the world


One of the biggest manufacturers of forest machines in the world, Ponsse Plc from Vieremä, has been delivering forest machines...
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Talentree has a strong understanding of people, technology and business


Expert company Talentree Oy helps other companies grow while also growing itself. One of the founding members of Talentree and...
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Elcoline Group – learning your way to victory


Rooted in Varkaus, Elcoline Group is an industrial installation and maintenance company serving mainly international industrial customers. The company has...
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Vincit – hard work conquers all


Technology company Vincit Plc was founded right before the financial crisis of 2008. Despite facing challenges early on, the company...
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Olvi – an independent Finnish brewery


When Olvi was founded in 1878, breweries were always local enterprises due to the short shelf life of their products....
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Amphion – joy of sound


Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. is a loudspeaker manufacturer from Kuopio whose products are also used by award-winning filmmakers and music producers....
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3AWater’s innovation measures water quality in real time


A research team from the University of Eastern Finland has succeeded in developing a device based on nanotechnology for measuring...
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GE Healthcare does meaningful work


The information systems and patient monitors developed by GE Healthcare have also helped provide effective treatment to COVID-19 patients in...
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