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Kuopio Goes Slush: Food startups

Kuopio Region -based food startups Ketoinen, RPS Brewing and Komero Food will be showcasing their products and offering some tastings at the event.

What these companies are looking for at the Kuopio Goes Slush side event?

  • To present ourselves
  • Make new friends 😊
  • Find new investors
  • Networking
  • Making connections with the experts in the industry

RPS Brewing – “Taste the game”

RPS Brewing wants to be “the most well-known Finnish Brewery globally”

A long friendship between the co-founders led to the creation of a successful brewery in Kuopio producing premium drinks. the company was founded in 2016 with its 4 members, and in June 2017 its first batch of products—capable of producing 500k–700k liters per year—was introduced to the market. Currently, they can produce about 1 million liters per year.

Ketoinen – “Fueling goodness”

Ketoinen wants to be a leading producer in Finland that is stomach healthy by 2050

The company was founded at the beginning of 2021 based on an idea of one of the co-founders to put her own diet into producing a grain-free product that can be easily distributed throughout Finland. Ketoinen is located in the southern part of Kuopio. Starting with a small kitchen and distributing only to the local shops, now the company has the largest keto bread factory in Finland.

Komero Food – “Meal accelerator”

Komero Food is looking for distributing the innovation that is happening in the food industry through its products.

The company was founded in 2015 to give an answer to a question that was raised in one of the co-founders’ head of how to make the everyday task of cooking easier and better? At Komero Food they believe “everyday life inspires to explore and decide how to make time for well-being, by eating well”. The company is producing almost 40k different products per month; distributing them all over Finland.

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