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Webinar: Nordic cooperation – Business & knowhow


Time: 14th September starting at 11.00 am (at 10 in Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
Platform: Teams
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Webinar is part of the annual theme webinars between sister cities Bodø, Jönköping, Kuopio and Svendborg. Webinar is organized by City of Kuopio, Business Kuopio.


The first timezone: Sweden, Denmark, Norway/Second timezone: Finland

10.00/11.00 Opening words, City of Kuopio, Business Kuopio

  • Business Kuopio: services and role in the regional business environment development
    • Innovation ecosystem agreement in Finland; content and themes of Kuopio
    • Possibilities for collaboration Anu Häiväläinen, Business promotion officer, Business Kuopio

10.20/11.20 SWATCH –project combining Finland/Kuopio (Savonia UOAS) – Norway/Bodø (commune) – Ireland (Central Solutions Ltd) – UK/Scotland (Heriot-Watt University), Eero Antikainen (TBC), Savonia University of Applied Sciences
10.40/11.40 Jönköping
10.55/11.55 Bodø (TBC)
11.10/12.10 Svendborg (TBC)
11.25/12.25 Conclusions and ending words, Anu Häiväläinen, Business promotion officer, Business Kuopio
11.30/12.30 Webinar ends

Language: English

More information in August / Johanna Liukkonen, johanna.liukkonen@kuopio.fi

Nordic sister city cooperation

The Cities Bodø (Norway), Jönköping (Sweden), Kuopio (Finland) ja Svendborg (Denmark) have continued international cooperation for over 70 years. The overall objective is to raise the importance of Nordic social equality and non-discrimination at the global level. Moreover the cooperation agreement for the years 2022 -2029 aims to promote sustainable development and the wellbeing of citizens in the following areas as well as collaboration between experts: wellbeing and involvement of children and young people, know-how and business life, art and culture, leisure and sport. For more information: Business coordinator Johanna Liukkonen tel. +358 44 718 2089.

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