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Business Kuopio in Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2024


Seesteisesti sisustettu oleskeluhuone, jossa paljon luonnollisia värejä sekä kasveja.

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From Harmony Room to Company Expo: Kuopio’s Recipe for Holistic Success

Business Kuopio is once again thrilled to be part of the Tahko Ski Lift Pitch startup event. This year there will be two interesting additions to the event for the participants. 

The Harmony Room, a place for relaxation and recharging throughout the event, will be back again for the second time. This year City of Kuopio together with Business Kuopio and Savilahti project will organize the Harmony Room after its success last year and provide an opportunity for the participants to learn more about Kuopio in a tranquil space.

Additionally, Business Kuopio is organizing a brand-new feature – the ‘Company Expo’ area. This novel addition to the event provides an exclusive opportunity for businesses in the North-Savo region to present their products, connect with potential investors, and engage with a diverse group of participants.

Harmony room fosters connections

Feeling the pulse of Kuopio’s vibrant business scene? We warmly invite startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to experience the synergy firsthand in our Harmony room. Take a moment and unwind with us in the Harmony room amidst the bustling event. Feel free to take a break, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore the possibilities for your business journey. Come join us in person to discover how Business Kuopio, City of Kuopio, and Savilahti project can be the catalyst for your success. Visit the Harmony room at Piazza and let’s embark on the path to success together!

Industry insight in Company Expo

The aim of the Company Expo is to showcase technology, products, and services of the companies across various sectors within the region.

Interested companies can secure their spot by registering through the following link and submitting requests for getting a spot in the “Company Expo” at Tahko SLP 2024. Register here:–Tahko-SLP-2024. Given the constraints of space, acceptance for participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

City of Kuopio, Savilahti area & Business Kuopio together in Tahko SLP

Kuopion satama järveltä päin syksyisenä yönä. Etualalla valaistu aallonmurtaja sekä ravintola, kauempana Kuopion keskusta sekä Puijon mäki ja Puijon torni.The city of Kuopio provides a secure, well-organized, and enjoyable environment, where the beauty of nature seamlessly intertwines with the routines of everyday life. The city also provides diverse educational opportunities across various levels and an exceptional environment for flexible work across multiple locations.

Savilahti area stands out as one of Finland’s most diverse urban development areas, seamlessly blending every element essential for a fulfilling life. It is a common project for the entire sub-region, and all those involved have a shared desire to develop the area into a unique, functional and attractive environment also on an international scale.

Business Kuopio brings together the services expert support, and networks offered by the City of Kuopio to businesses. This also includes the services of Enterprise Agency of Kuopio (Kuopion seudun Uusyrityskeskus) and Business Center. We assist businesses of all sizes in our region, guiding them from the initial stages of starting a business to the growth and expansion of their activities. If you are starting a business or have one that is just getting started, you can get expert help from the business advisors of the Enterprise Agency of Kuopio. Start-up counselling for innovative ideas or businesses planning on going international is provided by Business Center North Savo.

See you in Tahko!

Link: Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 

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